Sinister City

by Bone Daddies

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released June 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Bone Daddies Vancouver, British Columbia

Taking influences from a wide varitey of musical genre's including ska, reggae, swing, jazz, rockabilly and punk. The Band has created a sound that is familar and yet distinctivly unique. The Bone Daddies present a musical momentum that is hard not to get swept up in. ... more

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Track Name: Shadow
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
Track Name: Sinister City
You gotta' watch your back when you go out at night
there's always plenty of fiends out to pick a fight
there's no civility, equality, no human rights
it might be darker in the day, because its always night
in the city

Sinister City

When Rudie steps out, man, you know he's got to be tough
He's got to prove to this city that he's rough enough
In his 2 tone, suit pocket, the loaded steel
with no sense of remorse cause rude never fears
in the city

Sinister City
Track Name: Chica
Chica! Peligrosa!
Chica! Venenosa!

She'll bring you in with that sexy look in her eyes
she'll bring you down with those
sexy lips, hips & thighs
Your love for her, you will find, it will be your demise
when she brings you down with those
sexy lips, hips & thighs....

Chica! Peligorsa!
Chica! Venenosa!

She'll make you trust in all her sweet little lies
caught up in her web
there she will bleed you dry
that poisonous girl
you know she will be your demise
that girl is a sin
she's the devil is disguise...
Track Name: Harder (Loving You)
Well listen to me baby, there's just some things I've gotta' say
I know you've been changing darling, just a little each day
well I'm not here to judge you, or to hide you from the truth
but I keep having these vision darling & Your heads slung in a noose

Baby, You know its true
You know its harder loving you

Well I'm sorry love, sweet turtle dove, sorry I had to say
just one last caress, no more, no less, after that you'll pay
outside of town, deep in the ground, I dug a brand new grave
oh, now girl don't fear, don't shed a tear, its too late to be saved

Well it seems to me that serindipity, has showed me wrong from right
You know this was coming baby, so now don't you try to fight

Baby, You know its true
You know its harder loving you

Well now, this is the end, my dead girlfriend, it's time I let you go
Your buried six feet underground now, where nobody knows

Baby, You know its true
You know its harder loving you
Track Name: Dumb Punk
Gathered up the Bottle and the empties from the night before
headed down to the bottle depot & got $32.74
looked over at scotty, said man, do you think its enough?
scotty smiled at me, laughed hysterically, and said
man, do you belive our luck?

Your probably wondering what I'm still doing here
Hanging with the kids, that never learned the meaning of fear
I just can't help it, it's my natural intent
so many years, can't think of a life better spent

So we, pulled up the driveway, in my Astro '89
Germs came busting out of the house and said
boy, you guys sure take your time
but then I, showed him my six pack
and scott showed him the 24
and that look on his face, man you can't replace
as we're walking on through that door

Started drinking in the basement at a quarter past three that day
that's when I gave my first tattoo, D-U-M-B P-U-N-K
I said, Hey man, this inks forever, it ain't never going away
scotty smiled at me, laughed hysterically & said
Forever this is where it'll stay
Track Name: Booze Bottle Crown
I've got rye whiskey in my cabinet
I've got a flask of scotch, where you don't know of it
so place the brandy in its, place underground
I like it there, for when my time comes around

Sometimes I wonder why I drink till last call
then I look around me & I'm reminded of it all
So as I lean against this bar room wall
I don't want your company, I just need my alcohol

I like the bars, so I got a place to go
its a darkened hole, it makes me feel I'm home
So prop me up when I've had enough
place in my hand that rusty microphone

Is this the end before I sink
I've fallen off the edge into another drink
sometimes the problems in the bottle I can see
but I never get a glimpse
of what this monsters done to me

I drink my problems, swallow them away
my madness, my hurt, my hope, my shame
1 million bottles, 1 billions days
and in the end I've got myself to blame

Black night, back alley, corner of the bar
sit there forever I ain't never going far
you set 'em up, I'll always knock em down
forever in its place that booze bottle crown
Track Name: Wheelman
Well the old man taught me how to race in a '27 ford
So I took a job that paid so much that I could not ignore
Well I knew that I'd be going out in a wreck of twisted steel
that wheel in my sweaty hand was the only thing that's real

Cause I know that my luck was running out

Well I never met a no good cop that I could not outrun
Some say I play with life & death but I live by the gun
well this car is getting to close now this time is running out
I always thought I was the best but now I start to doubt

Cause I know that my luck was running out

Smoking tires I ain't no liar we're going a breakneck speed
this cop is thirsty for my blood and he's catching up to me
the one thing faster than my ride is the bullet through my chest
I'm going out in a ball of flames and man you know the rest

Cause I know that my luck was running out
Track Name: Rich In Soul
I'd like to take you for a walk in the park
or stare at the stars in the grass after dark
there's so many things that we can do for free
but all I can give you is my love

You know its true
I'm poor in funds, but rich is soul
all I can give you is my love
its sad but true
I'm poor in funds, but rich is soul
all I can give you is my love

I'd like to spoil you with fancy little things
like fine wines, vacations, or a ring
well maybe someday those things will come
but now all I can give you is my love

So please don't run of with another motherfucking man
that'll give you all those things that I don't have
cause to me your as grand as heaven above
and all that I need is your love